Water Meter Installation and Replacement in Mississauga

By October 23, 2016Blog

The water meter is a machine which is used to measure the quantity of water used. It can be installed at homes and commercial venues to record the amount of water used and calculate the charges respectively. Water is measured in units of gallons or cubic feet. Water meters help to know how much water you use and hence we need water meter installation and replacement services. Do you leave your taps running? How much water does your dishwasher or washing machine consume?

Water meters have contributed a lot to the campaigns for conserving water. Plus, they help to reduce the water bills. The people are charged according to the amount of water consumed by them, instead of the rate-able values. The rate-able value of a property depends on its location, demographic factors and the facilities provided. People living in houses with a high rate-able value are liable to pay more water charges, even though they may be consuming a lesser quantity of water. Water meters are available for both domestic and commercial purposes. The meters help to show how much water is being used in the water boilers and for water treatment in factories. You can also monitor how much water is being used to water the plants in your gardens.

The water meters are installed according to the flow rates of water. There are different flow rates of water— minimum, maximum, transitional and nominal flow rates.

Benefits of Water Meter Installation and Replacement in Mississauga:

  • It is a water-saving approach and reduces water bills. It is wise to resort to conserving water to avoid scarcity in future.
  • The water meter indicates leakages if any. Hence you can get your pipes repaired quickly to prevent loss of water. The readings of the water meter are checked regularly to generate the water bills. The people of Mississauga need to pay their monthly bills after the readings have been recorded.

Replacing the Water Meters
After a period of time, water meters give inaccurate results because of their prolonged use. It is advisable to replace the water meters after a decade or so. The modern water meters have an automatic meter reading technique which ensures more precision and accuracy. This would make the billing process more efficient. New meters may also reduce the high water bills that were being generated by inaccurate readings. If you own properties with rateable values, it is better to install water meters.

You should contact the meter replacement companies if you want to replace your water meter. The property owners can apply online. The team will provide you quick and reliable service to install the new meter in a couple of business days. They will also give you tips on water-saving.

If you are a tenant, you must ask for a water meter. Some landlords rely on sub meter installations which help them record the water usage of the tenant and they charge them accordingly. Remote water meters allow people to inspect the meter readings from distant locations.

You can keep a track of the water used and prevent wastage of water. If you suspect a leakage, close all the taps and check the reading of the meter otherwise call professional water meter installation and replacement services.