Do you need the infrared heater installation to heat larger spaces? Does your infrared heater fail to give efficient output? Select Plumbing offers the best services for infrared heater installation & repair. Infrared heaters are ideal for heating large open spaces – both outdoor and indoor. Examples of spaces that are a perfect fit for gas fired, radiant heat delivered through infrared heating include stadiums, distribution and warehousing spaces, hockey arenas, restaurant patios, nightclubs, hotels and resorts and much more.

If your infrared heating system malfunctions unexpectedly, it can cause great inconvenience. Select Plumbing and Heating specializes in Infrared heater installation and repair across Mississauga. The expert professionals repair your infrared heaters at affordable costs and bring back access to warm spaces. Our strong team of experienced professionals strive to fulfil the expectations of our clients and help them get best value for money.

Repairing the infrared heater is not an easy job. You may even be unsure to find what is wrong with your heater. If you notice some burning smell or defects in the metal rods, avoid interfering with the system. You can even end up injuring yourselves. Contacting a reputed supplier would be helpful indeed. The professionals use modern techniques to figure out the problem.

Some of the common repair services include:

  • Checking for leaks and detecting them
  • Cleaning air filters
  • Removing dirt and rubbish build-up from the internal heater components

Once the problems are detected, the professionals offer quick and efficient repairs in a safe manner. The experts exercise complete caution when diagnosing the infrared heater system.

If you’re planning the installation of an infrared heating system for your venue or business in Mississauga, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Select. We have installed numerous infrared heating systems throughout Etobicoke, Oakville and Brampton with shining customer reviews. If you require an emergency repair for your infrared system, we specialize in resolving time-sensitive heating system repair issues.

Call 1 888 501 5501 or 905 501 5501 today to speak to a member of our team. We consider all the installations as Holy Grail and deliver outstanding outputs to our clients.