Water Main Repair and Replacement in Toronto

By November 1, 2016Blog

Water Main Repair and Replacement in TorontoWater is the elixir of life. We cannot imagine any activity without water. The need of time demands a stringent action to conserve water and prevent its wastage. Water is supplied to households and commercial venues through water lines. It is vital to maintain the water lines to prevent leakage of water. The Services for water main repair and replacement in Toronto are provided by reputed companies. They repair the broken and old pipes and install high quality pipes to ensure uninterrupted water supply. If you detect leaks, contact the professional plumbers who will replace the corroded pipes and reduces chaos.  The cost of installation depends on the cost of the pipes, sprinkler system, and distance of your place from the actual location of main water line.

Types of Water Pipes that are commonly used:

  • Galvanised Pipes: These pipes are generally made up of steel. They are coated with a protective zinc layer which prevents corrosion of the pipe over the time. These pipes are susceptible to rust and change the colour of water to mild brown. The galvanised pipes have some traces of zinc and iron molecules, and the water flowing through them may develop a metallic taste.
  • Copper Pipes: This is an ideal choice for installing waterlines. However these pipes also need a replacement after definite time period.
  • Lead Pipes: The use of lead pipes is conventional as new pipes have out-dated them. The lead could creep in and water we consume has high concentrations of lead which are fatal for health.

The water main repair and replacement in Toronto is carried for all kinds of plumbing installations. They include water purification system, repair of choked and leaking pipes, and locating underground leakages. Water jetting, septic lines, sewage excavation and repairing commercial water lines are other places where you seek their replacement. Trenchless pipe replacement has simplified the process of repairing pipes without digging underground.

How Can I Get my Water lines Replace?

If you have cracked pipes, it is better to get professional help to deal with them. The plumbers use PVC and copper plated pipes to fix the underground leaks. In worst case, when there are frequent leakages or low water pressure, the main water lines need to be replaces. At times, the existing water lines may not be installed deeply. In such cases, new water lines have to be set up. The plumbers install the pipes in walls and under floors causing minimal disruption to your property. They provide reliable service and ensure all the joints are fixed perfectly.

How is the main water lines repaired?

The main water line is replaced using the below mentioned techniques:

Torpedoing: It involves propelling a long device into the underground pipes. Torpedoing is affordable and works well for different types of water line structures.

Manual Excavation: It includes trenching the underground water lines manually with hired workforce to detect the faults.

If you are in need to replace the malfunctioned water pipes, contact the professional plumbers. They will fix all the defects in the water line.