Unit Heater Installation in Toronto

By October 19, 2016Blog

Unit heaters are used for heating to provide comfort in buildings. They can be installed at residential, commercial, industrial and recreational sites. The unit heaters are known for providing consistent heat. The Unit Heater Installation in Toronto is quick and economical with less maintenance costs.

It is preferable to install unit heaters to provide heating for large buildings. Different companies manufacture reliable and efficient heating products. They are huge electric heaters, gas unit heaters, radiant tube heaters, infrared heaters and open duct furnaces. The duct furnaces are ideal for buildings located in dirty and abrasive surroundings.  Heat blowers regulate the amount of heat that is to be delivered in open indoor spaces with elevated roofs. The maintenance of the unit heaters is quite simple. Their heating capability depends on how clean they are.  The parts of the unit heater such as fans, motors, coils and diffusers must be removed and cleaned thoroughly.

Unit Heater Installation in Toronto can be of following types:

The modern unit heaters have replaced the traditional methods of heating. They are known for their reliability and efficiency. Here are a few of them:

Radiant Heating: It is a productive methodology that radiates heat for heating large buildings such as warehouses and stores. It distributes heat uniformly in the room through a network of polyethylene pipes. This heating is flexible for all kinds of flooring and heat sources.  The temperature can be regulated using thermostats. The installation of radiant heaters is simple and economical. The fans don’t produce noise nor do they expel dust into the environment. You will get a comfortable heated atmosphere with lesser maintenance and operating costs.

Infrared Gas Tube Heaters: The gas emitted from the infrared radiant heaters heats the outdoor spaces. The air temperature is increased using the infrared energy. You can use gas heaters to warm your homes.

Electric Unit Heaters: These heaters can be used for warming up industrial spaces. The explosion-proof electric heaters are safe to be used in dangerous sites such as in the presence of flammable gases and liquids, and explosive material.

These heaters are versatile and are available in models of different voltages and heating capacities. They are suitable for huge commercial and industrial locations. The electric heaters are light in weight, dense and durable.

S & P Heaters: These heaters have two models – Model P and Model S. Model S is lightweight and emits heat horizontally.  Model P heats the air and is placed in a vertical manner. Both the models are available in different sizes and various voltage consumption models. The operating cost is minimal and the heaters are known for fuel efficiency.

A two-stage heating technique is used to warm the spaces. In the first stage, the temperature reaches 60%. Later, the remaining heat is supplemented in the second stage. This works effectively to heat the spaces evenly.

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