Safety tips to follow to get gas pipe installation done in Etobicoke

It can be dangerous to work on a gas line if proper steps are not taken. This is the main reason behind the necessity to employ an expert gas pipe installation service provider. An experienced plumbing professional is known to get the gas pipe installation done correctly. The necessary steps to follow in order to ensure proper installation is discussed below:

Know the Correct Pipe Size

Identifying the size of the pipe is the initial step. This step is required to ensure that the appliances get enough gas to work appropriately. The minimum input of gas is measured in BTU’s every hour. Both the diameter of the inside and measurement of the outside is required.

Fitting Materials

Black iron and corrugated stainless steel are the two most used fitting materials permitted by the law. A valve for each line, pipe wrench, pipe joint compound and numerous more devices along with addition fitting materials are required for this job, all of these are approved by the specialists.

Proper Cutting

Proper cutting of the pipes is the next step that professional installers follow. In the event that he has to cut iron pipe, the specialists cut the pipe by keeping up the full inside width. PVC lines are likewise utilized by them to ensure proper measurement.

Disengage Existing Line

The plumbing experts are known to remember that the current lines are to be separated well before the new installation. For this, the valve is turned on and the experts make utilization of pipe wrench to help proper streaming of gas.

Splitter Installation

The subsequent step is the installation of the splitter and it is done by taking out the old section of the pipe and screwing in the new one. Joint compound is put on both the closing parts of the connections to prevent leaks.


The installation needs some important guidelines to be followed. The installers avoid the use of ground joints except directly at the meter or after the shut off valve. It is to be ensured that there is a shut off valve where the gas appliance is positioned. Over and above this, a proper inspection after the installation is extremely essential.  


Testing is the most important step of gas pipe installation in Etobicoke. Air pressure test is done and it should have at least 1 ½ times the pressure. The piping system is checked for any defect or leakage in the pipe line.

A qualified and professional plumbing service provider would be able to install gas pipe in your premised by following the above-mentioned steps at ease which may not be possible for you to do on your own. Thus, always seek the help of professional for this kind of work.