Uses of Compressed Air Piping Systems in Vaughan

By January 22, 2017Blog

The compressed air piping systems in Vaughan are in high demand. Compressed air has more pressure than the atmospheric air. Compressed air systems are used in aeroplanes, cooling systems such as refrigerators, air conditioners and vehicles. HVAC control system, power tools, filling cylinders, and some other applications of compressed gas.

Types of compressed air piping material:

Two different types of compressed air piping material include:

Metals: Metal pipes include pipes of metals such as copper, aluminium, stainless steel and black iron. All these pipes have good thermal pressure characteristics. Stainless steel is lighter and less expensive than aluminium and copper. It is easy to carry out the stainless steel welding processes in an effective manner as compared to other metal pipes.  Copper pipes are the best choice for sensitive air piping systems. The copper piping circulates air at the pressure of 250 psi.

Non Metals: It commonly includes the plastic pipes which are light weight and can be easily handled. They are resistant to corrosion and can be installed without welding and other such processes. The installation of non-metal piping is cheaper than installation of metal pipes. The cost of labour for fixing the pipe joints is also relatively less.

Guidelines for the installation of Compressed air piping:

  • Use the galvanised inlet piping to prevent corrosion as an alternative to the black iron pipes.
  • The inlet pipe directs the air from the filter to the compressor. Check all the fixings to ensure there is no pressure loss.
  • After prolonged use the galvanised film starts vanishing. You must keep a check on this. This is because corrosion could result in harmful contaminants which are hazardous for us.
  • Stainless steel and the rmoplastic material is the best choice for inlet air piping. The use of plastic piping is highly prohibited. Plastic pipes cannot withstand high temperature of 200?F.

The compressed air piping systems in Vaughan are highly efficient and reliable. The efficiency depends on the kind of design and piping size. The professional experts in Vaughan offer quality installation of compressed air piping systems. If there are any technical faults, the entire system would result in failure.

The compressed air piping systems in Vaughan also require timely maintenance for their proper performance. The internal components may break down or need a prior checking to prevent the failure of the complete system. You can seek professional assistance if you are searching for technical repair of your system.