Grease interceptor installation is of utmost importance in Oakville

If you are in the habit of pouring grease down the drain, there is a high chance for you of facing the problem of clogged drains. This can prove to be very costly as you need to spend a large sum on plumbing services. Restaurants are also in the habit of releasing grease in the sewer systems which causes a blockage. In order to deal with such nuisance, grease interceptor installation has become very important in such establishments.

Need for Grease Interceptors

The main sources of grease in restaurants are washing and cooking. By getting grease interceptor installation done, these restaurants can trap oil to further use the same for recycling purpose. If recycling is not an option, still the oil can be disposed of properly if grease traps are installed in the premises. Different restaurant kitchens have a different system and thus their requirement of grease traps is also different. The best thing about grease traps is that they are available in different types to suit everybody’s requirements. Choosing the right one for your kitchen is important for efficient functioning of the equipment.

Things to Look for in Grease Traps

Oakville hosts a number of online and regular stores selling grease traps. It would be a good idea for you to visit these stores and find a solution for your restaurant or household. There are two most important things that you must look for in a grease trap- one is storage capacity and another is efficiency.


Like any other equipment, grease traps need proper maintenance as well for proper functioning. While simple grease traps can be cleaned by anybody, there are certain types of grease interceptors that need professional cleaning. Though, it means extra expenditure but having a professional look after the system ensures longevity. It is always better to hire the same professional who installed the system in your premises to look after its maintenance as well.

Finding the Seller

It has been rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Thus, before the drains get clogged and you spend a lot of money in getting it cleaned it is better to invest in an appropriate grease trap. Before making the purchase you ought to do your research properly. Check with various sellers and installers to get the best deal with quality product and commendable services.

If you buy a quality product which is installed by a reliable professional and you ensure proper maintenance, the grease trap can last for a really long time.