Reasons for having a Proper Drain and Sewer Camera Inspection done on your property

By October 1, 2016Blog

Technical advancement has simplified inspection of drains and sewers. In the past, a blocked drain was a cause for panic because the reason for the blockage could not be known. However, with the latest drain and sewer camera inspection method, checking drains to solve the problem takes very little time. The high-resolution waterproof cameras can reach deep inside structures, such as even under the foundation of your house. Professionally trained plumbers use this device by attaching it to a flexible rod to help scour through every inch of a pipe or sewer. The camera transmits real-time video images that allow the expert to see the pipe from the inside and determine any existing or possible problems. There are many reasons why people make use of the services of professional plumbing companies in Toronto to inspect their drains and pipes.

Reasons for Drain and Sewer Camera Inspection are listed below:

To Retrieve Lost Items: Small yet valuable items of sentimental value sometimes go down the drain while washing or bathing. It is quite a reason for getting upset. However, inspecting the pipe with a camera makes it easier to locate the item and retrieve it in no time.

For Inspecting a Property You Want to Own/Lease/Rent: While renting or buying a new house, people inspect everything about the house. It makes sense to also inspect for potential plumbing issues that the previous owner may have chosen not to disclose. A little inspection can save you the trouble of expensive repairs in the future.

For Inspecting Septic Systems: It is equally important to monitor the health of septic systems. Camera inspection can help determine when maintenance or repairs would be needed.

To Inspect before Remodeling: A drain and sewer camera inspection is absolutely necessary before you plan to remodel your house or to make a new addition such as a bathroom or a kitchen. This is to ensure that your existing plumbing is fine and does not need any repairing. The video would show if there is anything that needs to be fixed.

To Identify Problems: A video camera would help to inspect and identify any kind of problem ranging from root intrusion to broken, misaligned, punctured, corroded or off-grade pipes. It can also identify issues like leaks, obstructions and grease build-up. This kind of inspection becomes mandatory if the drainage is constantly slow, or if the drainage lines are clogged.

To Rescue Pets and Animals: This does not happen always but when it does occur, it is a nightmare. The thought of having your pet or any other animal stuck in your sewer or pipes will give you the chills. If a pet has been reported missing and you have a feeling that it might be stuck in your sewers, you are expected to get an inspection done to save the animal’s life.

It is time for you to call for professional help based in Toronto for carrying out a drain and sewer camera inspection on your property if you want to avoid any unwanted expenditure in the future. A stitch in time saves nine is the mantra to be followed when it concerns your drainage system.