sprinkler-maintenanceYour building’s fire suppression system relies on having operational sprinklers. If your sprinkler system does not work properly, there’s a significant chance that severe damage will be sustained if even a modest fire were to break out. The answer to this problem is to ensure that your system is maintained properly. Sprinkler maintenance will help to ensure that all components are operational, and to identify potential problems before they become disasters.

One of the most important parts of sprinkler maintenance is regular testing. The main drain test should be conducted quarterly if the only source of water for the system is via a backflow preventer or a pressure-reducing valve. A water supply flow test should also be conducted regularly to ensure that the supply curve is able to provide enough water for the system’s demands.

All tests should be combined with visual inspections. Those inspections should take place once per month for many areas, but also quarterly for more sensitive parts of the system, such as control valves and gauges. It is crucial that all inspections and tests are carried out by experienced, expert plumbers. While some visual inspections can be conducted by a company’s employees (such as checking for leaks on pipes or at sprinkler heads), most require professional training and experience.

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