grease-trap-installation-repair-torontoAny facility with a kitchen uses grease and oil. Those materials often end up in kitchen wastewater, flowing out of the in-floor drains and into the sewer system. In the past, these materials were left in the pipes, where they eventually solidified and blocked the flow of wastewater (as well as washing down to wastewater treatment plants). Today, laws require grease trap installation for Toronto area restaurants and other facilities with kitchens.

A grease trap is a relatively simple device. It’s generally large, made of concrete, and features several compartments or baffles. It’s installed underground, outside of your business. Wastewater flows from your kitchen drains into the grease trap, where the oil and grease laden water is diverted through the various baffles. This gives the grease time to cool and rise to the top, where it is trapped and prevented from flowing into the sewer system, where it would cause serious problems.

Grease trap installation is required in the GTA, and regular maintenance is also necessary. Over a period of time (which will vary depending on the amount of grease and oil used in the kitchen, as well as how busy the operation is), the baffles fill up and the trap must be emptied. A lack of proper maintenance can lead to the need for grease trap repair.

Repair can consist of numerous steps depending on the problem in question. An aging grease trap that has not been emptied in some time may require significant work to empty. Concrete also deteriorates over time, and eventually your existing trap will need to be pumped out and repaired, or replaced entirely.

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