floor-drain-installation-cleaningFloor drains are found in an incredibly wide range of commercial and industrial workspaces. They play important roles in businesses as dissimilar as automotive repair shops and restaurants. The point of floor drains is to allow wastewater to be removed from a floor and directed into the appropriate system. For instance, in a restaurant, the floor drain would lead wastewater to the grease trap, and then out into the sewer system.

Professional floor drain installation is essential. Inappropriate installation methods might result in wastewater leaking from around the drain into an underfloor space or the building’s foundation. It could result in groundwater contamination and numerous other serious problems. At Select Plumbing and Heating, Inc., we offer high quality, professional floor drain installation for commercial and industrial operations throughout the GTA.

In addition to installation, we can also offer floor drain cleaning. No matter what your industry, your floor drains will eventually become clogged with debris, grease, dirt, fibers and more. Regular cleaning ensures the proper flow of wastewater from your business’ floor into the underlying catchment system. Of course, we can also offer a full range of other plumbing and heating services, ranging from sump pump repair and installation to water heater repair, water main repairs, drain snaking and jetting, and video camera inspections.

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