fire-sprinkler-repairsWhile they are likely out of mind most of the time, fire sprinkler systems are crucial forms of protection for your property and your employees. If the system is damaged, or is suffering from a lack of maintenance, it may not function as designed in the case of a fire. This can be disastrous. Fire sprinkler repairs are nothing to take chances with – have any needed repairs done immediately.

Fire sprinkler systems can be damaged in a number of different ways. It takes one mishap to bend or even break a sprinkler head, for example. Pipe hangers can be bent, broken or damaged, as well. Even the piping itself is subject to damage and accidents, as well as wear and tear and possible corrosion if not treated correctly.

In addition to those obvious components, there are other parts that might suffer damage or failure. For instance, if a control valve is damaged, it could cause the sprinkler system to malfunction. Damaged, defaced or missing valve labels could compromise your team’s ability to operate the system, as well.

Fire sprinkler repairs should be handled immediately. This is quite literally a life or death situation, or could become so very quickly. The best defense is to ensure that your sprinkler system is properly maintained at all times, and to ensure that any damaged or failed parts are replaced immediately.

If you have a damaged fire sprinkler system, call Select Plumbing today at 888-501-5501 to schedule a repair appointment. We can also offer ongoing maintenance plans to ensure that your sprinkler system stays in good condition for decades to come.