copper-pipe-repairCopper is a very useful metal, particularly for plumbing. Copper piping offers quite a few benefits, but it also suffers from some problems. Perhaps the most critical problem is the development of pinhole leaks in the surface of the pipe due to deterioration of the metal over time. Copper pipe repair must be done correctly in order to not only fix the problem at hand, but to minimize the chance of further damage to the pipe.

Copper pipe repair for pinhole leaks will require cutting out the damaged section of piping and replacing it. The replacement can be PVC, but it is better to replace it with copper or PEX piping for bonding purposes, as well as for durability and stability in the piping system.

Once the damaged section of piping is removed, the remaining edges will need to be deburred. The replacement section will also need to be cut to length and deburred. The right type of couplings will also need to be chosen in order to connect the replacement section with the existing pipe. In most instances, replacement copper piping will need to be braised to prevent leaks.

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