basement-floor-drain-installation-and-repairAlthough most commercial properties serve a different purpose, the majority of them have certain things in common, such as their major structural elements. In any case, basements need drains to carry water out of the building.

If all goes right, this won’t be a problem. Unfortunately, in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s not rare to hear about flooding issues happening in commercial buildings.

Sometimes, it’s simply because a pipe breaks. If this happens at night, over a weekend or during a holiday, it could be a while before anyone realizes what has happened. By the time they do, a lot of water could have made its way into the building.

Another common issue is flooding that occurs from the outside. This can occur after the winter thaw when snow becomes water if it isn’t properly ushered away from the perimeter of the commercial building. A structure can also experience this problem when rainwater from the roof isn’t siphoned away via a drain.

No matter where the problem occurs, though, the water usually ends up in the basement of a commercial building. That’s why basement floor drain installation is so important. Without it, that water is simply going to stay there. Trying to get it out of the building will be difficult and expensive.

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