The advantages of drain and sewer camera inspection in Etobicoke

By December 5, 2016Blog

Blocked drains cause trouble and panic. Different methods of drain cleaning are used to flush away the accumulated debris. However the drain and sewer camera inspection in Etobicoke is the best technique. It inspects the in- depth problems and failures more accurately, thereby allowing the professionals to deal with the problem more effectively.

At times snaking is not sufficient to fix intense drainage problems. It is necessary to determine the root problem before executing the fixing steps. The drain and sewer camera inspection in Etobicoke trace the actual obstructions in the sewer pipelines. The drains may be blocked due to several reasons such as, debris build-up, mortar, tree roots, cracks and grade sloping.

The CCTV cameras are active methods which help to clean the drains. The trained professionals use advanced equipments to insert the CCTV cameras into the pipes. A complete coverage of the inner defects in the sewer line is taken. Once the plumbers see the video clipping, they are able to figure out what would be the best solution to clear the blockage. Also, you can get the cost estimate of the complete drain cleaning process.

If you are buying new property or planning to restore your existing homes, inspecting the drains is also important.  A prior checking would help you determine the status of the sewerage. Doing so would cut down the cost and inconveniences you may have to go through later.

How is the drain and sewer camera inspection in Etobicoke carried out?

  • The technicians must fix an entry point to gain access to the sewage pipes.
  • The camera equipment is set and the camera is secured at one end of a cable.
  • Now the cable is inserted deep into the drain from where it sends the footage of the drain pipes.
  • The plumbers watch the video on their monitors to diagnose the problem effectively.

The length of the cable inserted in the blocked drain helps to determine where the actual problem is located. From this information, it becomes easy to figure out which solutions would be the best. Depending upon the diagnosis drain snaking, hydro-jetting and pipe lining can be used.

Problems detected by Drain and Sewer Cameras:

  • Cracked Pipes:The pipes can be damaged due to vehicles and other environmental disturbances.
  • Collapsed Pipes: Poor installations and technology can cause the pipes to break down after some time.
  • Tree Roots: Root infestation may cause the drains to block and result in build-up. The tree roots penetrate deep below in the drainpipes and cause severe drainage issues.