water-boiler-repairWe rely on water boilers for everything from heating to hot water in our homes, and even a steady supply of hot steam in commercial and industrial applications. While boilers come in different sizes, capacities and configurations, they all suffer from similar problems. When these arise, it is time to consider water boiler repair.

Rumbling Sound – If you’re hearing a rumbling noise from your boiler, called kettling, it’s a sign that minerals have built up to such an amount that they are restricting the flow of water through the heat exchanger. This creates a significant increase in pressure, as well as the rumbling sound you’re hearing, which is water expanding within the heat exchanger. If you notice this sound, turn it off and call Select Plumbing for water boiler repair.
Unit Won’t Stay On – If you notice that your boiler continues to turn off shortly after being turned back on, chances are good that there’s a safety limit being exceeded somewhere in the system. This triggers an emergency cut-off to help prevent things like over pressurization and overheating. Leave the unit off and call for water boiler repair.

Water on the Floor – If you notice water on the floor near or around the boiler, chances are good there is a leak somewhere in the system. It could be from the boiler itself, or it could be from a nearby pipe. The best solution is to turn it off and call us for repairs.

At Select Plumbing, we have decades of experience repairing and installing water boilers in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Call us today at 888-501-5501 to schedule an appointment.