sump-pump-backup-systemsSump pumps provide the last line of defense for commercial and industrial properties in the event of flooding. However, these pumps need a constant supply of electricity in order to operate. If the power fails, so does the pump, which means that flooding and extensive damage could be a very real possibility during serious storms and other emergency situations.

Sump pump backup systems provide supplemental power for these pumps during a power outage. They general consist of UPS units or batteries, and they will provide power for a set period of time after the main power fails. For instance, during a severe thunderstorm, significant rainfall can make flooding at your facility a very real possibility. Lightning strikes to the grid or accidents that damage power lines could leave your facility without the power necessary to operate your sump pumps. A sump pump backup system would turn on when the main power failed, and provide protection for your property during the interim.

At Select Plumbing and Heating, Inc., we specialize in providing commercial and industrial clients throughout the GTA with the peace of mind and protection they deserve. We can install and repair sump pumps, but we can also help fit your location with sump pump backups. Our experienced technicians can also consult on the size and rating necessary for your property (different capacity backups offer varying power supply capabilities, and should be matched with your needs).

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