sprinkler-pipe-repairIdeally your fire sprinkler system will last for a very long time without any need for repairs. However, that is sometimes not the case, particularly if your system has not been properly maintained. Over time, your system can be subjected to wear and tear, accidents, impacts and even bacteria such as MIC, which can cause piping failure. What do you do if you discover a leaking pipe?

The first step is to call the professionals for immediate help. A leaking pipe is a sign that your system is not in working condition, and should a fire break out, it might leave you in danger. After calling for a repair, you can attempt to diagnose the location of the leak visually.

However, this can sometimes be difficult, as water does not always leak directly from the source. It may leak out, and run across and then down another pipe, making it appear as though the leak is occurring from one point, when it is actually somewhere else completely. There is also the potential that the leak is not from the pipe itself, but from a fitting, joint, or even from a damaged sprinkler head. As you can see, even identifying where the leak originates can be a daunting task for the inexperienced.

Don’t take chances with your fire sprinkler system. There truly is no such thing as a “minor” leak. Call Select Plumbing at 888-501-5501 to schedule a repair. We can also provide full, ongoing maintenance to prevent future leaks and ensure that your sprinkler system will be there when you need it.