roof-drain-installationUnless you run or own a commercial building, it’s difficult to understand the upkeep involved in operating one. The anatomy of a large commercial building is vast and every single detail matters as much as the next. Even something like a roof drain is absolutely vital to the health of your building and the future of your investment.

Without an efficient drain at work for your building, rain has nowhere to go on a flat-topped building. It will essentially form a pool on the top of your property, creating greater and greater amounts of pressure on the roof. Over time, it can eventually cave in a certain area of the roof, though it’s far more likely that it will simply cause some other form of damage that compromises its structural integrity. This is how leaks and other problems develop. Whatever the case, accumulated water on your roof is never good.

Also relevant is the fact that snow has to go somewhere when it melts. We get no shortage of snow here in the Greater Toronto Area. Once spring comes, if all that water isn’t allowed to properly drain, you’ll experience similar issues to the ones previously listed.

Even if your roof is slanted and siphons the water down, you still won’t be out of the woods. Unless you have a good drain, all that water is going to go straight to the perimeter of your building where it could eventually work its way inside.

If you need help in this arena, then it’s time to look into roof drain installation. The good news is thatby using Select Plumbing, your roof drain installation cost will be affordable. Call them today at 1 888 501 5501 or 905 501 5501 to learn more.