repair-sprinkler-pipeSprinkler pipes pay a crucial role in the operation of the entire system. They’re responsible for containing the water and directing it throughout the system so that it reaches the sprinkler heads. If a pipe is damaged or blocked, there’s a chance that at least part of the sprinkler system will not work when it’s needed. It is crucial to work with a professional to repair the sprinkler pipe and get your system back in working order.

The most common problem with sprinkler pipes is leaking. This is most often seen at joints and fittings, but it can also be from a pinhole leak in the pipe itself, particularly if the piping is old, or bacterial buildup (MIC) has formed. It’s important to note that MIC buildup within the pipe will also restrict water flow and increase pressure.

Other problems that might require you to repair a sprinkler pipe include physical damage to the pipe itself. For instance, in a warehouse environment, a forklift operator may accidentally bump the pipe with the forks raised when loading or unloading. There are many other ways that this type of damage can occur, as well.

By working with a professional to repair the sprinkler pipe, rather than attempting to replace it on your own, you gain a number of benefits. One of those is that the repair will be done correctly the first time, without the prospect of causing additional damage to the system. However, an experienced plumber can also spot additional problems that may have played a role in causing the damage or breakage in the pipe.

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