leaky-pipe-repairIf you own a commercial or industrial building, then you already know it takes a lot to keep it up and running. Obviously, you need to ensure the tenants remain happy and see that your building continues to come off as an attractive prospect to potential customers. Then there are all the little things.

The anatomy of a large building is made up of countless elements, each of which is essential. Your plumbing is a perfect example. Given that your pipes are largely out of sight, it can be easy to keep them out of mind as well. However, if one of them ever begins leaking, you’ll soon be forced to appreciate just how vital they were to the health of your investment.

At first, a leaky pipe may not do much. If you catch it early enough, you may get by with nothing more than a stain on the wall or ceiling. It will be unattractive and, sure, you’d rather not deal with the inconvenience of getting the surface fixed, but leaky pipes can easily turn into far worse, so count your blessings if that’s all that happened.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in your position don’t know about leaky pipes until it’s far too late. In a lot of cases, a pipe is only going to leak for so long before it busts completely. Other times, the water is hitting the same area repeatedly-an area that may not be somewhere people will notice-until finally the material gives way.

This is why you should schedule regular maintenance with Select Plumbing and Heating. Of course, should leaky pipe repair become necessary, calling them up at 1 888 501 5501 or 905 501 5501 is the way to go.