Irrigation systems are responsible for supplying water to lawns, grounds, crops and even sports fields. Built to be durable, they can withstand years of use, but they can also suffer from damage. Compounding the issue of locating a leak or a faulty part is the fact that most components in the system are located below ground level. This can make irrigation system repairs tough to do. Hiring a professional provider will ensure accurate, timely repairs while minimizing wasted water and excess costs.

Often, identifying the location of the leak is one of the most difficult tasks. This is particularly true if the system is installed on a grade, as water can leak out at a higher point and run down the irrigation line, creating moisture at a point well below where it originates.

Even once the location of the leak has been determined, irrigation system repairs can be difficult. The area will need to be uncovered if buried underground, and then the failed part will need to be diagnosed. It might be a crack in an aging pipe, but it could be a failed O-ring or fitting, or a cracked elbow. If the damage was caused by external stress rather than an internal fault, it will reoccur if the actual cause is not determined and eliminated.

These are just a few of the reasons that irrigation system repairs are best left to the professionals. If you have noticed a leak anywhere in your system, call Select Plumbing today at 888-501-5501. Our experienced, highly-trained technicians can investigate the situation and provide you with an accurate, timely repair, as well as an understanding of the actual underlying cause of the leak.