Irrigation systems are crucial for any number of applications, from farms to sports fields to corporate landscaping upkeep. And while they differ in scope, size, configuration and even operation, they all share a few similarities. One of those is the need for regular irrigation system maintenance. Proper annual or bi-annual maintenance will ensure not only reliable operation of your system, but also help reduce water usage and waste.

It is important to understand that irrigation system maintenance should be ideally performed twice per year – once in the spring, after the chance of freezing, and then again in the fall before the mercury plunges again.

In the spring, the system should be allowed to pressurize slowly, after closing manual drains (if left open after draining in the fall). All sprinkler heads should be inspected for damage, corrosion or other problems, and repaired or replaced as needed.

The system’s backflow or cross connection assembly should be inspected by a certified provider, and then the entire system should be operated one zone at a time. During testing, check for leaks, damage to piping and accurate spray patterns. Any sprinkler heads or nozzles that are blocked will need to be cleaned and adjusted. If the blockage is severe, replacement may be necessary.

Fall maintenance should include opening manual drains to allow water to drain out of the system. If not drained, water can freeze and expand, bursting pipes and damaging irrigation equipment. Sprinkler heads should be protected against accidental damage, as well.

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