gas-pipe-leak-repairIn the greater Toronto area, most commercial HVAC systems run on natural gas. It’s used as the fuel to warm water in hot water heaters, as well as in water boilers and steam applications. Gas is clean, burns well, and relatively affordable, but it can be dangerous, particularly if a leak develops in a gas pipe.

In its natural state, gas is odorless and colorless. A sulfuric odor is added to natural gas to help alert you to the possibility of a leak – the “rotten egg” smell so many people report when a gas leak is present.

Gas lines run throughout most commercial properties in the GTA, through the walls, basements and even to rooftop units. Any and all of these lines are subject to damage, cracking, breaking and potential gas leaks. Once a leak develops, time is certainly of the essence. A single spark is all it takes to turn a leak into a fire or a potential explosion.

This is why it is critical to have all gas pipes and lines regularly inspected for damage and wear. Gas pipe leak repair should only be handled by experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing. If you notice the smell of natural gas, it is crucial that you take appropriate safety precautions, up to and possibly including evacuating the area.

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