clear-clogged-drainAt some point, most of us have had to clear a clogged drain. It’s by no means a glamorous job, but it comes with owning a home. While it’s something the majority of people will have to do at some time or another, it’s usually not a job any of us see as being an emergency. As long as the drain gets cleared relatively soon, a somewhat small inconvenience will be avoided.

That’s only in a house though. If you own a commercial or industrial building, then a clogged drain could come with a much greater cost. For one thing, you never want to inconvenience your tenants. Many of your customers may already be a bit of a handful in the best of times. Give them something like a clogged drain and they’ll be hounding you to make it right.

Of course, clogged drains can also cause much greater problems in large buildings. You have much greater amounts of water and waste to potentially cause the clog, for one, meaning it might not go without a fight. Your building also goes through so much more of both in a given day that a clog can easily evolve into a much bigger problem in a fairly short period of time.

Clogged drains, when caught early, are generally not that big of a deal. If they are allowed to get backed up, though, you could be dealing with a huge mess. It’s also not uncommon for a pipe to spring a leak or even burst, especially if your building is older.

If you need to clear a clogged drain, let the professionals at Select Plumbing and Heating do it by calling 1 888 501 5501 or 905 501 5501. They’ll make sure this relatively minor problem stays that way.