backflow-valve-installationWhen you think of the flow of liquids in your building, you most likely only consider that it goes one way. You flush a toilet or see the water go from a faucet down the drain and you assume this is really the only way it will ever travel. Usually, you’d be right.

Unfortunately, many commercial building owners in the Greater Toronto Area have had to learn the hard way that this isn’t always the case. Something known as backflow can occur and, if it does, your property might incur a lot of damage.

Backflow is when the flow of liquid is reversed in a plumbing system. It can also refer to solids and gases too. Generally speaking, the phenomenon occurs as a result of cross-connections not working properly. For example, if the pressure in a water trough or tank is lower than the system’s overall pressure, back siphoning might send water in the opposite direction. One of the main problems it can cause is letting contaminants pollute a building’s drinking water system- something you would rather not experience.

Now imagine it actually occurs in your commercial building. That’s a phone call no owner wants to take from a tenant. Aside from the obvious embarrassment, this could hurt your reputation and bottom line too. Of course, it’s also going to cost you to repair any damage.

This is why it’s important to invest in a backflow valve installation. This contraption will help keep your building safe from this type of problem. If you have Select Plumbing handle the matter, your backflow valve installation cost will be very reasonable.

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