backflow-preventer-installationWhen all goes well with your commercial building’s plumbing, water generally flows one way. Whether it’s flushing the toilet or sending water down the drain, it’s meant to keep going down and away from your property. Of course, if you’ve owned a building long enough, you probably know that hoping for the best is a surefire way to end up battling the worst. This is why you absolutely have to invest in backflow preventer installation for your building. Otherwise,you run the risk of backflow creating a huge problem. Backflow is what happens when water goes the wrong way in your plumbing. It can also happen with gas and solids. Plumbing is a more intricate system than most people give it credit for. There are all kinds of reasons that backflow can happen, the result is always the same and it’s bad.

Backflow will put solids and/or sewage water in your building’s clean water supply. Obviously, this means that the water your tenants use to wash their hands and drink will become contaminated. This most likely won’t go over very well with them.

Fortunately, a backflow preventer can keep this problem from being something you need to worry about. It’s just a matter of making sure the right people are installing it. Like we mentioned earlier, plumbing isn’t as straightforward as a lot of people think. This includes a backflow preventer.

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