Nine Reasons to Install the Effective and Efficient Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems

By October 8, 2016Blog

The most important possession of an individual is his family and his home. He cannot afford to lose either of them in any disaster that can easily be avoided. A fire can cause more devastation at home than anything else. As compared with other accidents in the house, more people are killed due to fire. Hence it is very important for every house or business owner to have an effective fire protection sprinkler systems installed.

There are numerous reasons for installing fire protection sprinkler systems on your property.

Less Water Consumption
Fire hoses need 8.5 times more water than sprinklers to douse a fire. Moreover, since the sprinklers are closest to the fire, they spray on it directly, thereby extinguishing it more effectively and efficiently. It also saves the house from damage due to water.

Less is More
Statistics show that in 90% cases of fire in houses, only one sprinkler is required.

No Accidental Discharge of Water
The chance of a sprinkler accidently discharging water due to a manufacturing defect is very remote. Moreover, the latest scientifically enhanced sprinklers offer advanced protection.

More Savings
Installing fire protection sprinkler systems would not only save lives but also reduce loss of valuables and property. Moreover, it would also lower insurance premiums on the house.

Installation is Inexpensive
The best thing about installing a sprinkler system is that it is fairly inexpensive, especially if you are building a new house.

Sprinkler System Does Not Fail
The fire protection system rarely fails. If you have a proper plumbing system, the sprinkler system would work efficiently.

Quick Solution
In fact, the whole idea of installing a sprinkler system at home is to ensure protection from fire.. It helps in extinguishing a fire quickly and effectively. The fire brigade takes time to come and by then the damage is already done.

Does not Distort the Interior

Most people avoid the sprinkler system because they think it would make their interior look ugly. However, times have changed and the system can well be buried into ceilings or walls. Moreover, they can be painted to match the color and style of the room’s décor.

No Tension While Holidaying
With a sprinkler system installed in the house you can go on a holiday in peace. You  need not  worry about a fire outbreak when you are away.

If you are planning to install a fire protection sprinkler system in Etobicoke, you just need to call the installation company nearby and the work would be done in no time. Opt for a reputed professional to ensure that the system works effectively when required. It is also important to have the system checked at regular intervals to make sure that it is working properly and proves useful.