Installing grease traps in Richmond Hill is necessity not luxury

By February 18, 2017Blog

Grease is discharged in the huge amount on a regular basis with waste water from your home or restaurants. This makes it essential to have grease traps in Richmond Hill. Without it, there is nothing that can intercept the waste prior to its way down to the drainage and sewer system. Installing grease traps in Richmond Hill would save people from the huge expense that they have to incur in case of clogging of the sewer and drainage systems.

Steps Taken

This has also lead to many regulations set by local authorities, whose targets are mainly those in the restaurant business. Sewer blockages in big cities are mostly caused due to the discharge of wastes from restaurants. Hence, in order to clamp down the enormous amount of fat and oil waste discharge, every restaurants and cafeteria are officially instructed to install equipment that will intercept and then redirect the waste material for recycling.


One good thing about these devices is that they are available in various sizes, different types and varying prices to meet the requirement and budget of every food joints since every establishment varies in size and financial ability to afford grease traps. The availability of this device in a wide range allows everybody to comfortably afford it to comply with the state regulations.

Maintaining Compliance

To ensure compliance, local authorities carry out examination and testing. Establishments which are found flouting the regulations by exceeding the permitted grease content are heavily penalized.

Varieties with Different Features

Grease traps are available with an array of features making these suitable for various types and sizes of facilities. For instance, there are automatic grease removal devices which are integrated with dishwashers. This type of grease trap would catch oil from the waste water flowing from the dishwasher. This device can be mounted in the drains too in order to filter grease from waste water for washing greasy pans, pots, and plates. The grease would be stored in a contained besides the drain or dishwasher which can be recycled or disposed of during a routine cleaning session. There is another device known as a compact interceptor, which is best suited for small joints and restaurants. The USP of this device is that despite its small size it can store a lot of fat and oil. This is the ultimate device when storage space is a matter of concern.

Installing is a Must

With solution available for everybody to install grease traps in Richmond Hill, there is no reason or excuse for anyone to violate the regulations. An establishment with no grease trap would provide to be detrimental to all and the cost of maintaining the drainage and sewer systems would ultimately fall on the consumers. Grease traps are necessary not luxury. Hence, everybody must install them with the help of a professional installer for the best outcome.