Hire the professionals for taking care of cooling piping systems in Mississauga

By November 3, 2016Blog

Why do we need cooling piping systems in Mississauga?

For controlling the temperature in large commercial and residential building complexes and to make the atmosphere more comfortable for everyone, cooling piping systems in Mississauga are absolutely essential. In large building temperatures may rise beyond what is ideal and this may cause great discomfort to the workers and residents of a building. Temperatures may rise in a building due to use of electric and electronic equipment which emit heat, presence of a large number of people and solar heat. Comfort cooling is a fundamental requirement of a building for smooth functioning.

img-home-1A cooling tower in a building works by absorbing the heat from the atmosphere and giving it off or rejecting it to the environment. This process causes the air to cool to the desired temperature.  For most cooling piping systems, water is used for the cooling process and this water is pumped throughout the entire system by a piping network. One of the most important things to be considered before installing a cooling piping system is its design efficiency. The better the design efficiency more economical in the long run the system will be.

The cooling piping system may be different types, for e.g. compression, evaporation or absorption refrigeration cooling. For industrial purposes, chilled water is used for cooling. Chilled water is used in industries for dehumidification also.

What are the design and components of a cooling piping system?

Every cooling piping system is made up of same basic parts. These parts are designed keeping in mind the efficiency of the entire system and the requirement of the building. The parts of a cooling system are a condenser, evaporator, number of expansion valves and a piping system which connects various parts of the system to each other and to the building output also. Cooling piping systems can be classified according to the type of evaporators that are used in the cooling system. The evaporators can be tube, shell or brazed plate type. Generally all evaporators are made up of metallic alloys like stainless steel, brass or cupronickel. Different types of evaporators are used for different qualities of the material. For example, brazed plate evaporators are highly popular despite their initial high cost due to their lower overall operating costs.

The cooling piping systems should be handled entirely by professionals only because firstly they can be hazardous if not handled properly. The entire system is pressurised and if anyone other than professionals handle the system, in addition to complete system failure, loss of people and property can occur. Therefore, if you plan to get a cooling piping system installed or maintained in Mississauga, call only for certified and professional people.

Professional services for cooling piping systems in Mississauga

Roping in a professional service for the maintenance of your cooling piping system, is essential for the safety and efficiency of your system and the people. Scheduled maintenance by the professional in Mississauga is very important to ensure compliance with the industrial and manufacturer’s safety standards o that the system works smoothly and safely.