The Fundamentals of Compressed Air Piping System in Toronto

By December 1, 2016Blog

Compressed air is used in all kinds of domestic, commercial, and industrial venues.  It is quite expensive and has emerged as an important resource for industries. It is being actively used in the air braking systems of road vehicles and railways. The use of compressed air in air-conditioners, refrigerators, and air guns is widely indispensable. HVAC control systems, scuba diving equipment and energy storages use compressed air.  Compressed air piping system in Toronto aims to make quality installations and repair the existing ones to enhance their efficiency. The main cost of the compressed air piping systems arises from the energy consumption.

The compressed air piping systems in Toronto are installed in different configurations and price ranges. The black pipe is the most common installation. It is low priced and is effective for small scale needs with power compressors less than 15 horse power and has energy requirements for about eight hours per day.

Copper pipes, aluminium and galvanised pipes are some other choices for the compressed air piping systems in Toronto. The aluminium pipes are the best choices for their non-leaky and non-corrosive nature.

Benefits of Aluminium pipes Over Black Pipes:


It has been estimated that continuous leaking pipes waste about 30% of the total output of the compressor. These leakages result in more power consumption, thus increasing the energy bills.  The air leaks also depend on the length of the pipe and high pressure. The aluminium pipes are the best choices to deal with such troublesome leaks. Most of the leaks occur at the joints. The pipes are engineered and well-sealed to prevent any such air leaks.


The black pipes used in compressors develop rust over time which obstructs the flow of air. Hence the compressor has to pump hard to regulate the air pressure. This results in high energy consumption thus increasing electricity bills. On an average, the total cost is estimated about 10% more. The oxidised waste is transported to the filters and other components via the air. However, the aluminium pipes fight the above corrosion problems and keep the air compressors in good condition.

The Compressed Air piping Systems in Toronto strive to provide the best installations for different types of industries. Consult the plumbing experts for the best advice.


The black pipe installations require lots of labour. In contrast, the aluminium pipes take only 1/10th of the labour consumed in black pipes. The pipes and joints can be fabricated easily and are reusable. The existing connections can be easily relocated and repositioned without compromising on quality.