Commercial Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems in Mississauga

By January 5, 2017Blog

Fire safety has a possible importance in commercial and industrial buildings. Unpredictable fire hazards can cause mass destruction of life and property. It could result in the death of the workforce and damage the infrastructure, equipment and merchandise. The fire protection sprinkler systems in Mississauga are the most effective solutions to keep fire under control.  Prominent suppliers deliver reliable commercial fire protection sprinkler systems in Mississauga.

The Need of Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems:

Investing in fire protection sprinkler system is one of the wisest decisions. It ensures the safety of the occupiers of the building. When a fire sets, the sprinklers detect the heat from the fire. They activate and push the flow of water which works to reduce the fire flames or extinguish the fire completely. Thus the fire is supressed, which reduces the risk potential. The inmates of the building can be evacuated before the fire worsens. The sprinkler systems in Mississauga work to reduce the intensity of the fire. In this way the fire fighters can safely access the buildings.

All the building owners must follow the standards for the installation of commercial fire protection sprinkler system in Mississauga. The standards define the essential conditions and procedures for the installation.

Requirements for the commercial fire protection sprinkler system in Mississauga:

  • The buildings with a height more than 55 feet should have a sprinkler system.
  • The water supply must be easily accessible. The valves should be well protected and located in accessible surroundings. Appropriate signage should be used to denote the location of indoor and outdoor valves.
  • Automatic sprinkler systems must be installed for self-storage spaces.
  • Buildings with fire area of more than 5000 square feet should have installations of fire sprinkler system.
  • The installation must be equipped with fire pumps which increase the pressure of the water.

Types of Fire Protection Sprinkler System:

Multipurpose: This system goes well for use at homes and residential buildings. The cold water plumbing lines and fire sprinklers are unified. The method is more economical than standalone fire protection sprinkler system.

Standalone: This requires backflow preventers to prevent mixing with potable water supply. This method works for buildings with electrical equipment such as computers and other electronics.

Deluge, wet pipe and dry pipe are some kinds of fire sprinkler systems. A fire disaster could occur at any time in Mississauga. Therefore it is essential to be well-prepared for it in advance and save life and property. With some precautions and well maintained systems, the severity of fire tragedy can be reduced.