unit heater installationSelect plumbing and heating specializes in unit heater installation and repairs.

The unit heaters have developed as the most convenient and efficient heating solutions which are applicable for a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic uses.  Unit heaters are the ideal solution for heating large architectural spaces. The systems are designed to meet the space heating requirements in an unfailing way.

Select Plumbing leads in unit heater installation in different parts of Canada such as Etobicoke, Oakville and Brampton. It is reputed for the delivery of outstanding products and services. Ours is an easy to do business where we strive to offer wonderful results to our clients.

You often find unit heaters suspended in hockey stadiums and other large open areas such as warehouses, distribution outlets, factories and other similar facilities. Unit heaters hang from a ceiling, have a gas burner vented in them, and they are vented out from the ceiling. The installation is carried out quickly ensuring least disturbance to the existing property.

The unit heaters are available in different shapes, sizes and brands. The trained professionals understand your need and help you pick the ideal choices that complement your need and budget.  Our innovative unit heaters have amazing designs and are power packed with extensive features.

We have a strong and robust team of experienced professionals who have excelled in providing countless unit heater installations in Mississauga. All the professionals are licensed and certified to execute all the installation tasks safely.

Depending on your facility, unit heaters could be a perfect fit – and there’s no better team in the business for both installation and emergency unit heater repairs. We have a reputation for repairing unit heater quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Call the professionals at Select Plumbing today at 1 888 501 5501 or 905 501 5501 for emergency unit heater repairs or new installations in Mississauga.We also provide free estimates for the complete installation process at your home.