The ease of unit heater installation in Mississauga by hiring a reliable service provider

By February 5, 2017Blog

The main function of the unit heater is to provide comfort in big buildings. Unit heaters are mostly seen at commercial, residential, recreational and industrial sites. These are installed to supply consistent heat. It is good to know that unit heater installation in Mississauga is quite cost effective and can be easily done with the help of professional service provider. Moreover, the cost to maintain unit heater installation in Mississauga is also minimal if you go for annual maintenance package.

Different types of unit heaters

There are various types of unit heaters available in the market made by different manufacturers offering different functions. One can purchase unit heaters as per their requirements and budget. Electric heaters, radiant tube heaters, gas unit heaters, open duct furnaces and infrared heaters are some of the types of unit heaters. Open duct furnaces have found their use in buildings which are located in abrasive and dirty surroundings. Heat blowers manage the quantity of heat to be distributed in indoor spaces with elevated ceilings. It is simple to maintain unit heaters. Moreover, if you keep them clean its heating capability functions just fine. You ought to ensure that the different parts of this unit like motors, fans, diffusers and coils are removed and cleaned methodically to keep it functional.

Infrared gas tube heaters

This unit heater emits gas to heat the outdoor space. The use of infrared energy increases the temperature which makes it a perfect fit to warm residences.

Electric unit heaters

This is best suited to heat industrial spaces. Being explosion-proof, it is safe to be used in sites that use flammable liquid and gaseous substances or explosive material.

S & P heaters

There are two models of these heaters- One is Model S and the other is Model P. Model S is lightweight and releases heat in a horizontal manner. Model P is positioned in a vertical way to heat the air. Both the models can be found in different electric consumption models and different sizes. These heaters are known for their fuel efficient and minimal operating cost.

Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters are used in large spaces like big buildings and enormous warehouses or stores. It has polyethylene pipes that are used to radiate heat in a uniform way where ever needed. One can regulate the temperature also by using thermostats. It is quite economical and simple to install radiant heaters provided you choose a reliable and professional installer.